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Facebook and Apple advertising changes: What do they mean?

Apple will shortly be sending out notifications to their users, allowing them to opt-out of 'data trafficking' across external companies using the sites. What does this mean for businesses using the sites?

Largely all tracking of Pixel Actions will go underreported due to less information being gathered. Actions such as Purchases, add to cart and leads. On top of this, there may be some issues with ads reaching the same audience they previously could. It is important to note that these things could happen, and businesses that use Facebook should prepare. However, it is still early days, and we have not seen the changes in place to study their effects.

Ads that focus on re-engagement will perhaps be the most affected. This is because once a customer has visited your page and left, Facebook will no longer be able to track that person as effectively to get your ads to them due to the barrier in tracking that person's information put in place by Apple.

In future, shorter sales cycles may be more effective as Facebook will no longer be tracking longer conversion windows. Many of Facebook changes may push companies to streamline how they advertise on the platform.

The most important things to remember

Leads will now be underrepresented, so you will not see as clearly as you once did how your marketing campaign is performing on Facebook. This may push you to track the difference in your product/ service sales before and after the ad campaign to examine if the campaign was successful. Another essential thing to remember is that nothing will beat gaining your audiences email addresses and compiling an email list, so make sure that is a priority!

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