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‍In this episode, we make Garlic sesame chicken. Again, we chose this dish with our partners at AllAboutCookery as we thought it was a dish our target audience, students and younger people would be comfortable with making due to its relative simplicity and low cooking time.

For our third episode of the show, as mentioned in our previous blog post, we aimed for a slower, more methodical pace in both the production and editing to honestly give an informative step by step guide on the process of making the dish. In this episode, we make Garlic sesame chicken. Again, we chose this dish with our partners at All About Cookery as we thought it was a dish our target audience, students, and younger people would be comfortable making due to its relative simplicity and low cooking time.

This episode we teamed up with @lovetocook4people as she loves to make meat dishes and is an experienced cook that engages well with her social media following.

The recipe to the dish is as follows:
3 chicken breasts cut up

5 tbs cornflour  

2 eggs
8 tbs plain flour

2 teaspoons smoked paprika
1/2 sea salt

1/2 white pepper  

1 tsp garlic granules ground to a powder

 For sauce  

2 tbs sweet chili sauce  

4 tbs dark soy sauce

 2 tbs dreamy creamy honey

1 tbs rice wine vinegar

3 garlic cloves minced

 2 tbs light brown sugar

 2 tbs sesame oil

Thumb sized piece ginger grated

1 tbs hoisin sauce

3 tbs ketchup  

1tsp black garlic paste

Veg oil for frying  Sesame seeds.
Chopped green peppers  Half red chilli chopped in rings  Green parts of spring onions chopped.

The team at XPG enjoyed producing this episode, and during the filming this time, no fire alarms went off. As the series progresses, we feel that our production team and planning under the tense circumstances are all improving and our adaptability as a team is critical. Again, we encourage creative-minded people to continue creating and challenge themselves during this challenging time. Our partners @allaboutcookery are pleased with how the series is progressing and feel as we do at XPG, that the show is a great way to engage our younger audiences and encourage them to engage in valuable cooking skills.

This episode is particularly engaging as our host and guest discuss how lockdown has affected them and their diets. We get to hear two different perspectives: a student and a mother who regularly cooks for her children. We discuss how cooking habits have changed during this time and how we receive our food has had to adapt.

"This was a great episode with engaging discussions. You can check out this episode and other episodes at the XPG YouTube channel! We hope you enjoy and continue to watch."

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