All About Cookery
December 2020

Brand launch and campaign

AAC came to us because they needed help creating a buzz for launching their Asian-based cookery school in Birmingham. The creatives here at XPG Media increased their engagement by 400% in 30 days.


Brand Launch, Social Media Management and Content Creation


Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

Result 1

Engagement Growth

Result 2

Reach Growth

Project Overview

This was a massive project for us. AAC represented not only a single project client but also a partnership. Our task was to handle their social media and communication output. We also created a digital marketing campaign for them.


Within our execution, social media management was an integral part of the project as it was the primary channel used to bring awareness to the launch. We reached out and built long-standing relationships within the cooking community. We used these relationships later to obtain guests for a running cooking show series that brought attention to AAC and was our first big launch of their digital media. We also handled market research for AAC. This allowed us to find a gap in a crowded market while advising them on the most helpful and efficient marketing tools to highlight the company to new audiences.


XPG Media are very proud of the long-standing relationship and AAC. Bringing new audiences and attention to their company and working together on various things and aspects of business only broadened our understanding of the different markets around the west midlands. Our social media team also got to flex their muscles by creating effective relationships with the audience through social media, evidenced by the AAC's reach and engagement growth.


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Manading Director at Meknes

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