August 2020

Product video

‍When Meknes launched their exclusive set of Moroccan wedding gowns, they contacted us to create content they could use in the marketing leading up to the launch.


Content Creation, Brand Awareness


Website and Social Media

Result 1


Result 2


Project Overview

Meknes was our first stint in the apparel industry, and we captured some stunning outfits. However, this came with many new learning curves. The scheduling was intense, and we had about half an hour to cycle through two models in six outfits. This project was a new challenge as we had to enter the fashion world and deliver the most effective product to our clients.


Collaborating with the professional photographer, the team XPG Media was able to highlight the great work of Meknes effortlessly. This was a coming together of talents aligned towards a shared vision of creating the best marketing content for eCommerce and social media.


The final product for this project was multiple videos used in paid ads and social media posts. These elements were able to help the great social media managers at Meknes grow their engagement and reach required to boost sales. They also used the content we created to bring brand awareness. Statistics show that the team used the videos created by XPG Media to increase their engagement by 10,000+ and their reach by 100,000+


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“The team at XPG Media are very friendly, professional and were able to deliver the project in a timely fashion. Highly recommended ”

Ian Branor
Founder ar RecruitSumo

“I loved working with the XPG Media team. They delivered great results and cretaed amaizing videos”

Manading Director at Meknes

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