Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing done right

Whatever your social media goals, we are here to make it a reality. With our established track record of working with various businesses, we will work alongside you to manage your social media channels to get the best customer engagement for your social media pages while also creating leads

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Content Creation

We will create and distribute customised, authentic content across your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to provide you with an energised social media presence.


Lead Generation

Lead-generation campaigns are a tremendous source of new customers. By deploying paid advertising on social media, we can increase you engagement and revenue by growing leads regularly


Community management

Increase the significance of your existing network by keeping your current audience and customers engaged and enthusiastic. we will help you secure the growth of your community and shift customers into r brand ambassadors

Our Process

what we focus on

We don't push standard services onto our clients. We'll work alongside you to create a strategy that best serves your needs. We will recommend which platforms you should focus on and how you can build real traction with your audience. Contact us today and discover more about how we can partner together to achieve great things

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Social Media Marketing

How do we do it?

The talented social media creative team have been working on social media and digital marketing for six years. Their experience coupled with skilled creatives is the winning formula to help your social media needs

Our Process

Our social media growth formula

Our strategic process is built on audience development, brand targets, and cultural conversation. Our marketing and creative teams work in close collaboration. They are fluent in copywriting and the language of digital growth

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Step 1

Social Media Audit

Our marketers and social media managers will perform an audit of your current marketing and social media pages. This will allow us to see how you are doing, what can be improved and how you compare to your competitors

Step 2

Social Media Content Plan

We develop a well rounded and targeted content plan. The content plan we create is tailored to your industry, brand and audience to ensure its effectiveness in hitting your KPIs

Step 3

Publishing & Execution

Having developed a content plan, we then use our in-house production team to design and produce the required content for the project. Then we publish the content to the relevant platforms

Step 4

Measure & Scale

Finally, we monitor the effectiveness of the content within the project, produce a report and offer measures to capitalise on the project's success

Case Study

How we helped Meknes to increase their engagement by 10,000+

“I loved working with the XPG Media team. They delivered great results and created amazing videos”

Managing Director at Meknes
More Engagement
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