Digital Marketing

Digital marketing developed from expert strategy and creativity

At XPG Media, our mission is straightforward. We energise brands online using creative tools and strategies that generate an impact online. Results drive us and we only work with clients we believe are looking to grow their online presence

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Market Research

Market research enables our marketers to create an optimal marketing mix for your brand. Data can help us guide decisions around your subsequent marketing decisions. Using marketing research, we can understand what media your consumers are consuming and target your communications towards them


Communication Plan

A marketing communication plan is a strategy for notifying your target customer audience of the attractive nature of your product or service. When we develop the plan, we integrate the target audience for you product or service to ensure maximum effectiveness



Analytics are an important part of our digital marketing strategy. We utilise various data streams to collect data that assist in translating customer behaviour into actionable business decisions. Analytics help us understand what your consumers are doing online. We then use that data to facilitate growth

Our Process

what we focus on

Since our inception, our digital marketing mission has always been about supporting our clients in driving more conversions and traffic to their websites from organic and paid channels. Digital Marketing consists of many disciplines. That is why we offer services that allow you to keep it all under one roof

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Digital Marketing

How do we do it?

The talented marketing team have been working on digital marketing and social media for six years. Their experience coupled with skilled content creators is the winning formula to help your digital marketing needs

Our Process

Our winning digital marketing marketing formula

At XPG Media, we provide you with a detailed plan to improve your reach and overall engagement. Your brand will be able to convert its audience to create loyal and everlasting customers

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Step 1

Marketing Audit

The XPG Media marketing team will do a full audit on your marketing, including market and competitor research, to understand the parts your brand is doing well and the aspects that we can assist in improving

Step 2

Strategy Development

After analysing your current marketing, we meet with you to develop the best marketing plan for your future goals. This can include various methods such as content marketing, social media marketing and SEO

Step 3

Publishing & Execution

Having developed a digital marketing plan, we then use our in-house production team to design and produce the required content for the project. Then we publish the content to the relevant channels

Step 4

Measure & Scale

Finally, we monitor the effectiveness of the startegy. Then we produce a report and offer measures to capitalise on the plans's success

Case Study

How we helped Meknes to increase their engagement by 10,000+

“I loved working with the XPG Media team. They delivered great results and created amazing videos”

Managing Director at Meknes
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